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Bill Patterson

Dip. C.H. P.G. Dip. Psychotherapy M.A.H.A

Bill-Patterson2Bill Patterson is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist. He works with individuals and groups to help achieve goals in health and self improvement.

His interest in mind-body concepts stems back to 10 years of age when he gave a demonstration of stage hypnosis to grade 5 class at Mentone East Primary school. Inspired by renowned stage hypnotist Lee Saxon, he had seen at the local Town Hall to a packed audience some weeks earlier (no TV in those days), he overcame chronic blushing and stage fright to show his class how it was done. To everyone’s surprise, including Bill, it resulted in a volunteer going into a full body catalepsy, head placed on one chair and feet on another with Bill standing on the unsupported middle. When his class teacher asked him to repeat it for the grade sixers he decided retirement from stage hypnosis was the best option.

The interest in clinical applications of hypnosis grew in the background over the years, as he built a career in retailing and progressed to senior corporate management. Events turned to tragedy as Bill’s youngest daughter Nicky, a 28-year-old psychotherapist, was murdered at her home practice by a serial killer. This was the defining event that shaped a midlife career change and he decided to pursue his keen interest in mind-body healing and the role of hypnosis in helping others make change through suggestion in trance states.

Areas of particular interest are anxiety, performance and stress management, chronic pain management, sleep hygiene and addictions.

Bill works with individuals and groups using Mindfulness Hypnotherapy, solution-focused therapy, Ego State Therapy, and Ericksonian approaches that offer a resolution to underlying causes of problems, often hidden from conscious awareness.

As well as his clinical practice in Toorak, Melbourne, he has had over 25 years of experience conducting workshops for both corporate and personal development and has worked with thousands of participants in transforming personal growth.

Meditation, Mindfulness and Neuroplasticity.

Together with his wife Kati, has taught and practiced meditation for over 30 years.

In conjunction with the Lewis Institute for Health and Well-Being www.pathways2wellbeing.com.au, Bill facilitates the More than Meditation course, a 5-evening course that provides meditation training, neuroplasticity (changing the brain adaptively) and effective mindfulness strategies.

In addition, Bill (and Kati) facilitate workshops for groups looking to learn to minimise the effects of excessive stress.


Bill Patterson
Clinical Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist
Dip. C.H. P.G. Dip. Psychotherapy M.A.H.A

*He holds a Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis and a Postgraduate Diploma of Psychotherapy from The Australian Academy of Hypnosis and is a member and clinical supervisor with the AHA (Australian Hypnotherapists Association).