Clinical approaches

I may use one of several therapeutic approaches in client sessions.

There is nothing better than seeing people make lasting changes they initially thought were overwhelming or impossible.


Allows the participant to pay attention, concentrate and focus. By entering a present state of awareness, you cultivate positive change in thinking, moods, and behaviours.


Explores the idea that each of us has the skill and abilities to solve our own problems and that often, just making small changes will lead to big changes. Hypnosis uses metaphors, indirect processes and language that allows an opportunity to change negative beliefs, attitudes and judgements.


Engages our “inner voices”. When we say to ourselves “How stupid!”, “I should have done better”, “I am not worthy”, “I really need that chocolate”, who is talking? Because we have many states from which we can choose it is possible to learn to move from a state that feels out-of-control to a state that has a feeling of competence.

The hypnotic trance may be defined as a state of increased awareness and responsiveness to ideas.”

– M.H.Erickson 1958 Vol.IV Collected Papers.