The art of living well in the COVID-19 era

You may be ready for a ZOOM meditation boost in these stressful times, join us for a More Than Meditation evening session on 13 September (no charge).

In this experiential session, we will explore the art of living well in the COVID-19 era.

Time: 7-8 pm EST

Venue: Any place you can enjoy a period of silence and stillness through the power of Zoom.

RSVP to Bill by email to receive your ZOOM link

If you would like to join us, please answer the following questions:

On a scale of 1-10

How regularly do you practice meditation?
0 = rarely | 10= very often

Are you stressed?
0 = no | 10 = barely coping

0 = no problem | 10= major issue

0 = none | 10 = constant

0 = very low | 10 – full vitality

General health?
0 = no issues | 10 = very poor

We look forward to meeting up with you online soon.

The More Than Meditation Team
Bill, Daniel, Kati and Bev.