What consumes your mind is what controls your life?

I’m so busy! To say it out loud or to continually check your phone wherever you might be…meetings, eating out or even walking across the road without paying full attention to anything, is so common nowadays it feels normal.

A sense of overload is not unique. Perhaps this increased tempo of “busyness is training our minds to overthink?”

“I wanted to work out why I was so busy, but I couldn’t find the time to do it.”
― Todd Stocker

So how much do we think?

Neuroscience (National Science Foundation USA) proposes the volume of thoughts can be anywhere from 12k to 50k per day and 90% are the same thoughts as yesterday. This is the default mode network (DMN) that constantly runs, to which we remain essentially oblivious.

Yogis call this the lower, thinking mind. The lower thinking mind is the basis of our normal waking state of consciousness, our daily mind that interacts with the world. It produces the thousands of endless, repetitive, and often negative thoughts.

As this activity increases it can drain us energetically and emotionally. It increases stress and anxiety levels as well as undermines our decision making and confidence.

The Monkey Mind

The monkey mind is unsettled; restless; capricious; whimsical; fanciful; inconstant; confused; indecisive.

The good news is we can learn to train the chattering monkey mind through simple moments of mindfulness. Interspersing our day directing our minds to the present moment will help build awareness of the mind. Consciously observing through our senses e.g. listening to others without interrupting them with our mind; will enhance real connection.

Training the mind

A practice of meditation allows us to more closely observe the mind and its perpetual nature and when we do this, the mind can for a while, find a level of repose.

Even the busiest minds can find repose through a regular practice of meditation and this is where effective meditation training programs really help.

By learning to meditate in a group there is the added benefit of a group energy, an entertainment that is not available, as helpful as they might be, through apps or background recordings.

We have just concluded our first More Than Meditation Course for the year.

The feedback is showing significant increase many are enjoying more calmness and clarity of mind. Here is a quote … “thank you for last night, I have had the roughest week that I have had in a long time and wasn’t that keen on getting there as I was so exhausted. I am so glad I was there! The guided mediation we did where we were laying on beach going into the brain was AMAZING and honestly gave me so much relief which was unbelievable after a week of running away from it!” Cassie

Our next More than Meditation Course starts May 10th. Here are the details.

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